To the staff, the customers, The Lilypad

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear The Lilypad, happy birthday to you! Today is our first birthday and looking back ,year 1 has been a whirlwind. A rollercoaster. It has been stressful but relaxed. Demotivating but rewarding. Its been frustrating but pleasing.  To say I have enjoyed every second of … [Read more…]

Thank you for the music

Social media is a huge benefit to our business and has supported in successfully promoting The Lilypad Café and what we are all about over the last year. We are grateful for each and every follower, like, review, comment & share. The feedback we have received on facebook, Instagram, twitter & trip advisor has been … [Read more…]

Party time!

Christmas party, birthday party, baby shower, christening, hen do, stag do, celebration of life, engagement party… You name it, well throw a party for it! The Lilypad is the perfect venue for a private function (if we do say so ourselves) whether it be a small, intimate sit down meal or a large buffet with everybody up … [Read more…]

Out with the old…

And in with the new!  If you haven’t yet tried our new dishes then where have you been!?! The new menu is now available!! Customers have been asking ‘but why have you changed the menu? Why did you get rid of the tuna burger?’ weve been desperate to refresh the menu as we have now … [Read more…]

Back to school!

The sun has hidden behind the clouds (not that it was ever shining anyway) the kids are back in their school uniforms & yesterday The Lilypad had its first (sort of) ‘quiet’ day in a good 3 months. Summer has come to an end- But what a summer it has been. For our first one at The Pad … [Read more…]

Green to matcha the walls

Now I’m not saying it looks lovely & (without honey) it doesn’t exactly taste it but matcha has a whole bunch of health benefits- so guys & gals prepping that bikini bod, come & grab a mug! What even is matcha?! You ask, well it’s a powdered green tea, but it terms of its nutritional content, matcha … [Read more…]

Meet the sidekicks

We really don’t know where we’d be without our hard working Waitress Gee & Apprentice chef Kahn! Wanna meet them?…   Name: Georgia Marta Novakovic Street Age: 19 Nickname: Gee Previous place of work: The Manor at Brampton Favourite dish on the menu: The Lilypad Breakfast with scrambled eggs Tipple of choice: iced coffee Catchprase: ‘I’m … [Read more…]